Search Engine Optimization

Building a website is easy. Now here comes the challenging
part. Marketing it. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes to
high priority checklist when it comes to digital marketing. Search engine is
the primary source of traffic. If you do not rank high on search engines, you
are missing a ton of free traffic every month. You might consider social media
promotion, email marketing, paid advertising or any other source of referral
traffic. Nothing can beat the organic flow of traffic that comes from search
engine. and the best part, Result of SEO lasts longer than any other marketing campaigns.

Our work breakdown

Our affordable seo service in Nepal consists of two phases. First phase is for the first month and second phase is the ongoing maintenance and continued growth.

Phase I (For the First Month)

Campaign Setup

This is the stage in which we take time to research about your business. Our team of experts Analyze the potential and probability of conversion with organic flow of traffic. Some business do not convert well with the organic traffic. In this case we do not recommend SEO.

Full Onpage and Offpage Website Audit

This is the first stage in which We audit your website for technical errors and the possible ways to fix them. We also analyze your existing backlinks, your social media and other online presence, find out your strengths and weakness and how to improve them.

Competitors analysis

One of the most important phase when it comes to SEO. We analyze your top 5 competitors from the search engine. and build the possible strategy to outrank them.  We run competitor’s website audit, analyze their pages with most traffic and so on

Keyword research

Once we have an idea of your business, we run competitors keyword analysis and see for what keyword they are getting the traffic for. We also do indepth keyword research, sort out the best one possible then send it to your for approval.

Onpage optimization

This is the phase in which we fix all the technical issue that exists in your website like Maintain website structure, keyword placement, meta tags optimization, image optimization and so on.

Content writing

Content is the no. 1 factor to rank any website in SERP. We analyze your existing content, reoptimize it or completely write the new content if required.

Google my business and social media optimization

We analyze your google by business and social media if anything vital information is missing and optimize it if necessary


We 100% guarantee that Our SEO Campaign is under google guidance. Anything we do is fully transparent. We will provide you a very clear and measurable report every month to let you know about your Campaign progress.

Phase 2(The ongoing SEO)

Link Building Campaign

We provide your website the high-quality backlink from niche related websites. We promise not to spam. We do not submit your website to useless directory or do comment spam that every blogger hate.

Monthly Website Audit

We audit your website once a month for possible errors, optimize existing blog posts, check to see every possible way to optimize so that your website does not become messy and hard to manage later.

Keyword Research and Blog Post

SEO is a ongoing process so the website must be updated accordingly. We do long tail and supporting keyword research for blogs. We make sure each and every articles we write, is of high quality and every single piece attracts traffic from the search engine

Anchor Texts Optimization

Internal link and external link plays a vital role when it comes to search engine optimization. We make sure anchor texts are diversified and properly optimized.

Social Media Sharing

We make sure, every fresh blogs or any topics we cover on your website are shared to social media. We also update a small piece of content to your google my business page so that it helps you in ranking locally. For more information, check our local seo package.

Analysis and reporting

We provide you a very clear report on backlinks we make, content we write and the graphics we upload to your website. Our reporting is fully clear and transparent.