Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Getting website clicks is important but more than that, conversion is important. You should get what you pay for. With our expertise and years of experience in ppc management service, we can help you get more out of your ppc campaign.

Organic website traffic is hard to achieve and almost impossible for months specially if you have a brand-new website. Even if you rank no. 1 in search engine rank page, there is a very less chance for your website to get noticed. Paid search results rank higher than organic results and thus gets more attention and clicks.

Why our ppc management service stands out from the crowd

There are so many agencies out there talking about ROI, Conversion optimization, transparency and bla bla. These are good things, But what unique do we offer to stand out from the rest of our competitors?

Its simple. 

We do PPC not Gambling. “If we can’t deliver what we promise, we give your money back. You will get your money back without further question.“

We have developed our own strategies and plans, refined it over years working in the most competitive markets like United States and Australia.

Our Working Process


Our approach is different. We don’t research random keyword and start experimenting. We are not interested in gambling with your money. We take time to know your business and find out your strengths then set up goals.

Campaign Setup

This stage includes researching the keywords, creating your google ads account and setting up the campaign and budget. Anyone can setup the campaign and create account but optimizing and lowering the cost takes more expertise. If you do not optimize your ads, you will end up paying twice as much as your competitors resulting in less clicks.

Landing Page Optimization

We may ask you to modify or completely rebuild your landing page if it does not meet the minimum criteria. Paid traffic is different from the organic traffic. There is no point in running the paid ads, if your landing page is not good enough to convert at least 20% of website traffic.

24/7 Monitoring

We continuously monitor your campaign and keep optimizing it. we use best tools available in the market to optimize your campaign and make sure you always stay ahead of your competition.


Our reporting is crystal clear without any hidden information. You see what we see. The best part, you get full access to your google ads campaign and google analytics. You can always see what is going on with your google ads campaign and monitor our work 24/7.