Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

Before purchasing a local seo service, you must be clear on what local seo is. What is the difference between local and regular seo?. Local SEO includes all the local search queries that talks about local business within the search location. Have a look at the following example for the query “Local SEO”. Lets say a person is looking for local seo service. There might be a lot of queries running through his mind and keeps searching on google or any search engines. The possible variation of keywords could be

  • Local SEO near me
  • Local seo services near me
  • Local seo experts near me
  • Local seo providers in Kathmandu
  • Local seo providers in Nepal etc

These keywords are highly focused to specific location and peoples living in specific area. So, do not get confused. We have seen a lot of peoples often get confused between local and regular seo hence end up targeting wrong keywords which only leads to waste of time and money.

For what business Local SEO is?

If you are a business owner who rely on local customer, you need local SEO. For example, you are a local restaurant or a doctor, may be a law firms you can be highly benefited with local search optimization. Now you have an idea if you need Local SEO Package. If Local is not for you, check out our Regular SEO Packages.

Our Process

We provide quality service to our clients as our working process is fully transparent. You can see what we are doing. Every business is of different nature and what works for one might not work for another. Before getting into the actual work, we need to set up the planning session with you and need to understand your business; your target audience and the actual location you are trying to rank for. It is very important to understand weather or not your business can be benefited with local seo. There is no point in wasting the time and money.

Let’s see our process of local optimization

The Planning

We conduct a planning session with you, understand your business and gather all the information we might require for the rest of the process. We also make a note of all the keywords on your mind that you are trying to rank for. Any confusions or any doubts are made clear.

Keyword Research

Once we get an idea of the keywords you are trying to rank for, we get deeper into keyword research and find out all the possible keywords with the number of searches per month that can get you traffic and leads. The final list of keywords will be sent to you for approval. For the full process of keyword research, check out our keyword research guide.

Locally optimizing the landing Page

You may consider it as an on-page optimization. We make sure your landing page is locally optimized. Locally in a sense that a visitor in your website must get a feeling that this is a local business providing service especially in his area. Just ranking high doesnot guarantee conversion.

We make sure that your website is technically error free so that search engine bots can crawl it smoothly. We prepare all the contents and the required images inhouse, make sure it is unique. For more information on local onpage optimization, check our our onpage optimization guide. We follow the same techniques we have explained there so far.

The Off-page optimization

Offpage optimization is the backbone of SEO. We get high quality backlinks to your website from from the local sites that are into your niche in a safest way possible. We are fully aware of google search algorithms. We never follow black hat techniques that might destroy your website ranking and reputation in the future. White hat techniques of link building like high quality business listing, authentic guest posting etc are practiced. For more information about offpage optimization, check our off-page optimization guide on what we do for offpage optimization.

Social Media and Reputation Management

Social media activity and reputation is a very important ranking factor when it comes to google. Active social media with excellent reputation helps in boosting google ranking and the most important, the trust of your customers. We will keep your social media updated with the relevant and engaging posts, shares and the most importantly, your online reputation.

Reputation of the business listing in google is also the most important ranking factor.

Business with high reputation and review helps you rank better when it comes to local. Reviews also helps to gain trust among your website visitors. Don’t forget to check this case study on how we have helped our client to optimize their google business listing and manage their online reputation despite of fake reviews from one of their competitors.

If you are thinking of getting your business optimized locally, do Contact Us.