Email Marketing

With the term itself, you probably should have an idea what email marketing is. For most of the people, sending an email to promote your product or services using a bulk email service provider is email marketing but think again. If not not done correctly, the term “email marketing” actually becomes “Email Spamming.”. You hate spams, right? So do others.

Do your business need email marketing?

The answer is YES. Even if your business is small, you definitely need email marketing. There are so many benefits of email marketing. Email marketing might sound old fashioned, but the recent study shows, there is not even a chance that email marketing is outdated or get outdated in the future. Read our blog why email marketing never fades away.

Benefits of email Marketing:

  • Keep up relationship with potential customers
  • Product or service Promotion
  • Increased traffic to the website
  • Opportunity to understand what works and what doesnot
  • Easily measurable and many more

Our process of Email Marketing

The Plan

The very first step of email marketing would be getting the targeted email list. If you already have an email list, we can get started right away but if you don’t, we can help you prepare the email list. if you are on a budget and plan to prepare a email list by yourself, read our guide on how to prepare email list

Content Creation

Content should deliver some value. Email marketing is not always about product or service promotion. We can also make your non-subscribers to subscribe to you by offering something in return like discounts, coupon codes or any e-copies or guides. Your existing subscribers can be engaged with the carefully planned content and product marketing strategies like newsletters, greetings, blog posts, contest, coupon codes or may be solution to the problem like ebook. Anything we do, we always try our best to offer something to the subscribers in return to every email they get from us.

The Timing

Timing plays a very important role in email marketing. With our expertise and years of experience in email marketing, We run several tests to find out the timing that works best for your business as it widely varies from industry to industry.

Tracking, Analyzing and Reporting

We help you track and analyze the stats like how many subscribers actually opened your email, click through rates and the most important, how many email openers actually converted via your email marketing campaign because we believe, ROI via email marketing campaign is the most important part. Our reporting is clear and transparent.